About Malta

Malta became a member state of the European Union on 1st May, 2004. Corporate law in Malta is in full conformity with European requirements; accounting and auditing standards are based on International Accounting Standards.

Malta has high anti-money laundering standards and a comprehensive framework for financial services regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority. There are also strong professional secrecy and confidentially laws.

Malta has got an efficient tax regime and companies are incorporated in Malta for international tax purposes. Non resident shareholders of a company registered in Malta are entitled to claim certain type of refunds. After the refund is claimed the effective tax rate will be 5% or 10%.

Our local legislation provides very interesting tax incentives for high net worth individuals to take up residency in Malta through the Permanent Residency Scheme. Malta has a scheme in place to attract Highly Qualified Persons to occupy certain positions with certain companies in Malta.

The Maltese legislation allows companies to be re-domiciled in/out of Malta.


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