Permanent Residence


Our local legislation provides very interesting tax incentives for high net worth individuals to take up residency in Malta through the Permanent Residency Scheme. The scheme is especially attractive to retirees, intellectuals, authors and international consultants or any other persons seeking to establish an alternative residence that suits their lifestyle and tax profile.

In Malta the standard of living is high, the country is safe and the people are exceptionally friendly. Most people in Malta can speak English and Italian and a number of maltese citizens can understand French and German


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Employment Licence | Work Permit

Foreign nationals require a work permit to work in Malta.

Work permits are issued to employers who wish to employ foreigners for a specific purpose. The prospective employer has to prove that all efforts has been made to engage a suitable Maltese citizen.

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Other services


Our legal team can assist with the drafting and negotiation of documentation and contracts.


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