Outsourcing of Financial Controller

A number of small to medium size enterprises do not need the services of a Financial Controller on a full time basis. We offer the services of Financial Controller on a part time basis. This will help you focus more on your business and save money by paying only for the hours that you need.

Financial Consultancy and Advisory Services

The firm provides Financial Consultancy services. These include Corporate Governance, setting-up of Key Performance Indicators and advice on restructuring and turnaround situations. The Firm has experienced personnel who have worked for a number of years in listed companies and also provided advice to a number of significant entities in various countries. It has also experienced staff in financial management and can support an entity in various ways as to how it can optimise its performance and financial situation.

Raising Finance

Submit advice to owners of business regarding potential sources of finance.

Support businesses in determining the optimal capital mix in their particular situation and business industry in which they operate.

Help businesses in identifying potential sources of finance.

Assist businesses in tapping the various sources of finance which could include loan and equity capital.

Prepare companies in undertaking the necessary upgrading to their management reporting, administrative and IT infrastructure in all the phases so that the required finance is successfully tapped.

Together with the entity concerned, undertake all the necessary negotiations with the various providers of finance.


Due Diligence

As a direct result of the direct experience of its partners,  bZ will coordinate and undertake all the necessary steps in carrying out and finalising any ‘due diligence’ exercises, that might be required prior to any transaction taking place.   This may for example include, the ‘due diligence’ involved in acquiring another business entity.

Support companies in coordinating and preparing any information that needs to be prepared when a due diligence’ exercise is being undertaken on it by a potential buyer and third parties needing to undertake such a due diligence.


Management buy-outs| buy-ins

Undertaking feasibility studies and submitting advice in determining whether a Management buy-out (MBO) or Management buy-in (MBI) is feasible in the circumstances.

Providing advice is structuring an MBO or MBI to increase its likelihood of success.

Undertaking the required business valuations and negotiating with the acquirer or vendor as the case may be.

Assisting in the preparation of business plans and advising on the most financing structure for the MBO or MBI.

Providing the necessary tax advice, in optimising your corporate and personal tax positions suitable for the particular scenario.



Issue and flotation of shares

We support companies in preparing for any issue or floatation of shares.

Help companies in determining the share price at which such a floatation is to be carried out.

Assist companies in undertaking the necessary restructuring and reorganization prior to any floatation of shares.

Work together with the entity concerned in establishing the necessary reporting system that a floated company usually requires.